Discover and Collect The First Artificial Intelligence Art on the Blockchain.

Our mission :

BitAIrt is an exciting novel concept which promises to make art investments possible for everyone and disrupt the traditional art industry. Every digital creation available is authentic and truly unique, signed and issued by our Artificial Intelligence (AI) artist named DeepBlack — which has been made possible by blockchain technology. Mirroring the exclusivity of original non-AI art, each piece of art created retains a unique signature in the blockchain, ensuring that the digital creation cannot be copied.

Art Investment

Invest in the first AI art on the blockchain. Digital AI Art made transferable worldwide in a click at low cost.


Every creation is digitally signed by DeepBlack and permanently recorded and verified through the blockchain.


Each and every one of the 100,000 creations is issued as a unique digital edition. This is possible by using blockchain technology to ensure scarcity and originality of our digital art work.


Investing in the first AI creations means you're given full ownership over the creation, which is then transferred and stored in your digital wallet for safe-keeping.

Artificial Intelligence Art :

DeepBlack is our supercomputer which has been extensively trained to generate 100,000 unique creations. Each of them are signed and encapsulated in an ERC-721 token. DeepBlack generates an extensive range of creative styles, from Classicism to Abstract art, through to Baroque and Minimalism.

Pricing Scheme :

Quantity Sold




The above table shows the pricing scheme. It’s designed to ensure that early investors in AI Art are able to collect, share with friends or trade the creation for a very fair price while last entrant investors would have to invest at a higher fee. The pricing scheme is designed that the price will increment following the number of unit sold. We also wish to ensure that a genuine digital art piece is offered at an affordable price in order to build a stronger community of collectors while allowing the more modest art enthusiasts to own and invest in it.

How to invest ?

Investing is easy - you can invest directly on the blockchain or through our website. You can choose at random a creation and send your Ethereum (ETH) to get back the ERC-721 which encapsulates the hash of the creation. On the website you can validate the hash of your creation. The use of the website requires Metamask to be installed.

“Half of these paintings have been generated by DeepBlack while the other half have been painted by a human artist."  

Get it Painted !

Why not display your piece of art in your living room?
Get it painted by a third party or by the BitAirt Foundation, pricing starting from $250.  
Contact us at to get your own unique hand-painted version of your digital DeepBlack. The ownership and certification is safely secured in your wallet on the blockchain while you can showcase one of DeepBlack’s creations in your house, personal gallery, office and beyond.

What next ?

A Non-Fungible token that is used for collecting and ownership purpose transfers is still at a very early developmental stage in comparison to the traditional cryptomarket. 

The market of Non-Fungible tokens and digital collectibles could reach 10s of billions dollars according to recent studies by experts. We will ensure that artwork becomes a pillar component of the Non-Fungible token market. 

The funds raised will go to the BitAirt Foundation, the team, and its creators. 

The funding will ensure the sustainability of the project. The BitAirt Foundation aims to make enter- art in the new world possible. The objectives of the foundation will be wide-ranging, and will include:

  • -Ensuring that the DeepBlack project continues its development in the best conditions.
  • -Establishing DeepBlack as an integral part of the Art Market.  
  • -Promote digital art and creations through a worldwide marketing scheme.
  • -Ensure the growth of our community.
  • -Organise exhibitions and events for the community.
  • -Accessibility and education to those with limited access to traditional art.

The next milestones: 

Our website will be further developed to allow progressive expansion including the decentralised marketplace allowing users to buy and sell DeepBlack tokens in a peer-to-peer way. 

We will officially launch the BitAirt Foundation. 

We are excited to invite selected members of our community to our first exclusive events organised by the BitAirt Foundation.