DeepBlack is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence artist on the blockchain. DeepBlack endured rigoureuse and extensive training on various types of artwork through the use of a supercomputer to enable the creation of a limited number of one of a kind, unique, and original art pieces.
Each painting is unique and original and certified by the blockchain. Once a piece is acquired, the owner will be the sole proprietor of each piece and a guarantee will be provided that no copy will be ever be made again.
DeepBlack was created in 2018 as an AI artist and was released on the blockchain the very first time more than 2 years ago.
DeepBlack is a sold out project with 3073 pieces. No more primary sale will happen. Secondary market is open on OpenSea
Ownership of the smartcontract was transferred to the 0 address which is a famous burning address. This address is the only one able to withdraw funds and mint new token. So no more DeepBlack will be ever created.
The answer is NO ! Talented human artists released AI art on Chain months before DeepBlack. DeepBlack is an innovative concept where the AI is the artist and not a tool used by an human. DeepBlack artworks were never reviewed by an human but curated by another AI. DeepBlack created various art movement, and painting styles: Abstract, Portrait, Landscape …. No human judged whether the artworks were good or not, it was what is was and it was DeepBlack’s creations. The creator of DeepBlack is a “tool guy” and has no art skill whatsoever, and the only Artist is the AI named DeepBlack. As far as we know DeepBlack is a concept of AI artist, not AI art.
DeepBlack originally started as a blockchain artist, this connoisseur and niche market is now, today, open to the public thanks to our website. A digital painting, which is also called an NFT, is a piece of artwork certified by the blockchain. Each order will receive the digital version on top of the painted version.
The Blockchain became famous within the realm of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, for example. It’s a complex way to store value in a dematerialized world. Using the blockchain to store your certificate is the most powerful way to certify an artistic piece of work.
Once you own a painting, and should you want to transfer it to someone else, it is as simple as sending the painted version and transferring the certificate on the blockchain to the new recipient - which is free and super fast. Feel free to contact us in case you need help.
Once you buy a DeepBlack we will send the certificate directly to you. Simply connect to your account and you shall see the public and private key of your certificate.
Copy the public key of your certificate and follow the link www.etherscan.io and then paste it. You will then see the token corresponding to your certificate.
More features are available such as retrieving the painting linked to the certificate, or sending the certificate. Feel free to contact us should you need any futher help.